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Viracon Plus

viracon plus
viracon plus



  1. Astragaloside
  2. M2 Blocker
  3. Andrographolide


Viracon plus can be used for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases, especially immunosuppressive diseases such as ND, IB, IBD, and proventiculitis in poultry.

It acts against low pathogenic Sub-types and sometimes HP other Sub-types, besides additional effects such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-fiver cough with thick sputum, laryngitis, sub-cutaneous respiratory infection and acute diarrhea.

Viracon plus can be given either alone or in combination with chemical or antibiotics as recommended in Sevier viral cases.


Poultry for oral administration: Firstly, the whole pack mix 20 litter of warm water for 30 minutes, then supplied it to the tank. For treatment of diseases: 1 gm per 2 litter of drinking water, the prepared solution should be administered for 8-10 hours only per day for 5 to 7 days.

For Supplement Prevented: 1 gm per 5 litter of drinking water, the prepared solution should be administered for 6-8 hours only per day for 3 days in every month intervals.

Cattle, Goat, and Sheep: 1gm per 5-10 kg body weight for 4 days every 6-month intervals.

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MICOKILLER Composition: Lonicera Japonica: 20gm. Immune Modulator Extract: 10gm. Tinospora cordifolia: 10:1gm. Indication:  MICOKILLER is effective in the treatment and prevention of respiratory system diseases followed by Mycoplasma gallisepticum in chickens