About Us

CellTechFeed Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a private veterinary drug high-tech enterprises established by Dr.Tony Wu, is located in Myon Byongam, which is a state-level hygiene city and the modern animal husbandry demonstration core. Southwest University academies of animal husbandry are also located here. The registered capital of CellTechFeed is 5 million dollars. The production environment and workshop design meet the GMP requirements of WHO.

CellTechFeed has complete management organization, which includes board of shareholders, board of directors, and chairman of the board. Departments are set to ensure normal production and business activities, including research & development center, production & supply center, quality & technology center, sales & marketing center, administration department and financial department. CellTechFeed team is a group of professional members with pharmacy and veterinary specialized knowledge; a group of young partners less than 35 years old; a group of fighters with spirit; and a group of efficient implementers! Professional, youth, passion and execution is the best portrayal of CellTechFeed team. CellTechFeed has 3 PharmD, 15 Masters, and 12 undergraduate, 10 of them are professional in pharmacy, veterinary profession. 12 of them are professional in marketing, financial and computer, and over half of them are at the age of 20-40.

CellTechFeed attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property. The shop name and trademark are registered for protection. The new technology and packaging creative are also applied for patents. CellTechFeed has been applied for registration in 45 countries worldwide. Now it has been registered successfully in 35 countries, like European Union (28 countries), Australia, Philippine and Asia.

CellTechFeed t keeps innovating in technology. The stability, safety and efficacy of ivermectin,Antibiotics  preparations (injection, solution), multivitamins injection, etc. are much better than similar products in the market. Moreover, by optimizing materials and production process, the cost is controlled effectively, and then the price in the market gets competitive advantages. CellTechFeed owns seven provincial level high-tech products and two provincial level key new products.

Targeted controlled-release formulation is the core research project of CellTechFeed. Nitroxynil liposome has high stability, strong targeting property, lower toxicity and side effects, which can kill trematodes in liver effectively; Vitamin AD3E emulsion is a controlled-release formulation which is soluble in water. It has stable performance easy to use. Vitamin AD3E emulsion can effectively supplement vitamins for animals and improve the production performance. As constant innovation of technology, CellTechFeed obtain the title of the National high-tech enterprise, and won lots of honor.

CellTechFeed has 5 dosage forms, over 100 products, including: Antimicrobial agents, such as Enrofloxacin Injection, Oxytetracycline Injection, etc.; Antiparasitic agents, such as Ivermevtin Injection/Solution, Albendazole suspension solution, Nitroxynil Injection, etc.Health-care agents, such as Multivitamin Injection, Sodium Selenite and Vitamin E injection, etc.

Nowadays, CellTechFeed has going global, our products can be seen everywhere in West Africa, East Africa, Middle East and South America. In the future, CellTechFeed products will be famous in Europe, North America and Australia even all over the world. In recent years, CellTechFeed had successfully obtained registration permission of Nicaragua, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India,China and Bangladesh, etc. which more than 10 countries. Many oversea customers visit CellTechFeed, and then establish good cooperation relationship. CellTechFeed is developing and strengthening. Within the latest 5 years, sales volume increased at the rate of 20%-50%. Sales amount increased from 2 million dollars in 2011 to 10 million dollars in 2015. Bullvet is building a new type of enterprises, which has automatic equipments, intelligent production, smarter management, and professional staff. It will be put into production two years later.

Honest achieve win-win, professional dedication cast perfect!

This is the CellTechFeed spirit forever!

CellTechFeed, Best Quality, Famous Brand!