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Cell Linco Plus



Lincomycin hcl. (100mg).

Spectinomycin sulfate. (20 mg).


Cell Linco Plus is broad spectrum antibiotic. Therefore, its act synergistic action has been defining a first-choice antibiotic in case necrotic enteritis in chicken caused by Clostridium Prefringes.

Cell Linco Plus Particularly suitable for group treatment due to high therapeutic index since the water intak  differs between birds. The therapeutic index is comparison of the number of therapeutic agents that cause the therapeutic effect to the amount that causes death.

Cell Linco Plus is absorbed 50% directly intestine to battle clostridium.


Layer & Parent stock have longer spam then broiler. such flock will age suffuciently to encounter subclinical & clinical diseases from various intestinal parasites.

These parasites influence the intestinal environment & damage intestinal cells. plasma protein & cell debris in the intestinal Luman are used by clostridium increasing the risk of proliferation of the bacteria & high toxin production. 

Highly effective against clostridium per fringes. Maximum plasma concentration reaches with in 2 hours which is beneficial for group treatment.

Dosage for Treatment Layer, Breeder & Broiler:


  1. Acute form: high mortality (up to 50%) sevier intestinal damage 1gmn/2 leter of drinking water 6-8 hours daily for 5days.
  2. Mild from: wel litter. huddling, thin watery intestinal content 1gm/ 2 later of drinking water 6-8 hours daily for 5days


  1. Storage airtight container. 02. Store at temperature below 30oC.
  2. After Opening please use as soon as possible 04. keep them out reach of children

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